When you are pregnant, it is an incredibly beautiful thing. You have conceived a child together with a man. Your bodies have created a new body. This is very special and you should cherish it with everything you have. But being pregnant can also bring a lot of stress. You may be a little confused about what is happening, the hormones may kick in and you may not be able to do everything right. We want to help you get through your pregnancy and that is what we are going to do in this blog. How will we do this? By telling you about some tests you can do during your pregnancy to help you. These can be things that give you overview, certainty and happiness; it varies from test to test and from person to person. Congratulations on your beautiful miracle!

Paternity test

This is a very common situation, but it still happens. Sometimes, for example, the woman has been unfaithful and a child has been conceived. It may also be that there is another special situation. In such a situation, it is unclear who the father is. As a mother, you may want to know who the father is, and the alleged father will probably want to know as well. That is possible. But how? With a paternity test while pregnant. This test is done in a non-invasive, non-damaging way. It is usually done by taking a blood sample from the woman (which already contains the baby’s DNA) and a saliva or blood sample from the man. This can give you insight, clarity and peace of mind.

Gender test

Many people would like to know what sex their baby will be. This is very understandable, because for many people this is a huge moment of happiness. You will love your baby regardless of the outcome, but it is nice to know. Fantasising about the names you are going to give him or her and so on; it is all great fun. You can find out with a home gender test. A sample is taken, sent to the lab and analysed there. You then get the results at home or by mail/telephone.

Hormone test

Hormones are important, especially during pregnancy. It is good to get an insight into them and therefore we recommend you to take a test for this. This test will give you insight into where improvements can be made, for example.