When you have a headache, if you feel very severe you can go directly to the hospital or doctor so that you can deal with it quickly, or if you feel your headache can be overcome, you can take headache medication according to the symptoms of headaches that you experience, even if you don’t strong to stand up and walk to buy drugs directly to a drug store or pharmacy, you can simply buy drugs at online pharmacies such as “canadian pharmacy“. Take your headache medication immediately so you can continue the activity.

When you experience dizziness, the first step is to determine which type of a headache you are experiencing now. Sometimes, dizziness is a symptom of certain diseases. But it can be a headache that arises without a clear reason.

When you consult a doctor, your doctor may ask when your headache usually comes, are there other signs or symptoms that accompany it, and if there are things that have the potential to trigger dizziness such as stress, certain foods, or changes in sleep patterns.

Before Knowing How to Get Rid of Headache, Get to Know First Type Your Headache

Broadly speaking, there are two types of headaches that are most experienced, namely tension-type headaches and migraines. Tense headaches are felt as pain that presses around the head, which can cause mild to moderate pain on both sides of the head. This type of a headache is usually triggered by stress, tension in the neck (due to stress itself or certain activities that require a person in a static position for a long time), decreased blood sugar due to late eating, depression, anxiety, or lack of sleep.

This headache can last for 30 minutes to one week, with a frequency that also varies. It could be that a headache arises only occasionally, but it can also occur very often even if accumulated to reach 15 days in one month. How to get rid of this type of headache dizziness can be with drugs or other alternatives that we will discuss in other parts of this article.

Another type of headache that is also experienced is migraines. Migraines are three times more likely to attack women than men. A distinctive feature of a migraine is a throbbing pain with moderate to severe intensity, even causing nausea, vomiting, or more sensitive to light or sound.

During this time we know migraines as a side headache (only attacks one side of the head), but in fact, the migraine can also affect both sides of the head. One of the many things that can trigger migraines includes physical activity, in contrast to tension-type headaches that are not triggered by physical activity. Without doing anyway to get rid of dizziness, migraines can subside after 4-72 hours.

Here are things you can do to relieve your headaches.

Dizziness, of course, can be easily overcome by taking drugs that you can get at the pharmacy. But while waiting for the drug to work, there are many natural ways that can be done to relieve headaches that you experience easily and quickly.

For example, dehydration is one of the possible causes of a headache. In the case of dehydration, just drinking enough water can cure your headache in a few minutes (ideally in a day you should drink 8-10 glasses of water). Here are other natural ways to get rid of dizziness that you can try:


Headaches can be caused by narrowing of blood vessels, which can be relieved by ginger so that when drinking ginger it can help relieve headaches. You can process ginger according to taste. One method of processing that you can try is to mix a little ginger with lemon juice, then drink one or two times a day.

Cold compress

The second way to get rid of dizziness is to put cold compresses around the affected area. The cold sensation caused can reduce inflammation which might contribute to the onset of pain. The method is enough to put a cold compress (can ice-filled bags that have been wrapped in a clean cloth, or a cloth dipped in cold water) to the back of the head. This step can relieve dizziness from migraines.


Cloves can be used as a way to get rid of headaches due to tension-type headaches. The trick is to pound a few cloves and put them in a handkerchief or clean cloth. Breathe the smell until your head’s headache subsides.


Who would have thought that apples that had been known as fresh and delicious fruit if consumed were also effective in relieving headaches? Apples and even apple cider vinegar can rebalance the levels of acid and base in the body so that it can relieve dizziness. How? You can eat apples without any additives or you can add a little salt. You can also mix 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar with a glass of water, then drink it.