Sunlight is necessary for life and development on the planet. However, it also accelerates the decomposition of all organic products. To make natural products last longer, they must be protected from sunlight. Miron glass is able to achieve this and also energize the molecular structure of any organic substance contained within containers made of this material. Sunlight is composed of rays. The visible light ray is responsible for accelerating the decomposition of natural products, while the violet, ultraviolet and infrared rays have the opposite effect. What Miron glass does is block the passage of the visible light ray. This makes natural products last much longer without the need to add preservatives that are harmful to health.

Truly 100{1950359618568742063e6b9087360eaa4cb6400eac39e68b3515b03482b0ad08} natural products

Nowadays, people are more aware of taking care of their health. Thanks to a lot of studies, we now know that many preservatives are harmful to health. Thanks to Miron glass, we can have really natural products, without preservatives. This is why big cosmetic and beauty brands are starting to use this versatile glass in their packaging. The skin is a very delicate part of our body. Miron glass allows to produce more natural creams that maintain their effectiveness for much longer. Thanks to the particular violet color of this glass, creams will no longer lose their color and aroma. For years, mankind has been looking for 100{1950359618568742063e6b9087360eaa4cb6400eac39e68b3515b03482b0ad08} natural and long-lasting products. Today it is a reality that is being exploited by many companies and that you can also take advantage of at home.

Using Miron glass at home?

It all depends on the products you have at home. People who love to cook will appreciate the ability of Miron glass to keep the flavor and aroma of spices intact for a longer period. If you are a chef and have a restaurant, you will be able to take full advantage of this technology and your customers will notice it. For lovers of good coffee, there is nothing more unpleasant than seeing how coffee loses its aroma and flavor over the weeks. If you do not have a coffee grinder, you can take your Miron glass container to a store that grinds coffee and ask them to place it there. We assure you that the coffee will retain its aroma and strong flavor over time. It is simple. You know what to do if you want to keep any natural product fresh for a longer shelf life.