Do you often find your windshield dewy when it is driven in the rain and the car’s air conditioner is turned on? Don’t be confused. Such events often occur and are experienced by many car owners.

Only, such incidents are difficult to predict, because most cars do not show any strange symptoms when the weather is clear. In fact, before that incident never happened in your car. There is an emergency or the easiest way you can also do at a low cost. After that, if you still find any problem with your car windshield, you can take your car to auto glass repair phoenix.

Here are the tips:

  1. Use hair shampoo

If by chance you are crossing a highway that has many shops, buy hair shampoo. After that, apply a little liquid on the inside of the car glass, but do not mix with water.

Then wipe the glass that has been smeared with shampoo with a slightly damp chamois cloth. Wipe also does not run water that is important moist.

How to wipe it should also be in the same direction, so that the glass is not opaque. Because sweeping two-way laps many times it will even the foam shampoo that has been mixed with dirt in the glass. As a result, the glass becomes opaque.

Shampoo liquid contains a chemical element with a certain PH made to dry moisture. The shampoo manufacturer concocts these chemicals so that the user of the hair shampoo is not moist so that it can maintain the scent of the shampoo and the hair looks shiny.

These chemicals are used to dry the dew on the glass when it rains.

One thing to remember, if the rain has stopped and the weather returns sunny immediately clean your windshield from shampoo by using a cloth to clean it. If not cleaned immediately the former shampoo will bind dust or other dirt carried by the wind that enters the car cabin when you open the glass.

  1. Take advantage of tobacco

If you are crossing a toll road so it is not possible to buy shampoo at a store, then use your tobacco or other tobacco. However, different from tobacco shampoo at the front of the car.

It may be scientifically difficult to explain the efficacy of tobacco by removing dew on the windshield, but this method is quite effective.

However, the nicotine element in tobacco is believed to be able to absorb the moisture in the glass. One thing that must also be remembered is, do not rub too hard a sprinkling of cigarette tobacco because it is feared there is a mixture of clove pieces that can scratch the glass.

  1. Anti-fog liquid

At this time in the car supply shop, many sold anti-fog liquid or defogger. The way to use this substance is also quite easy because the packaging is in the form of sprays.

You just spray it on the inside glass. Then let stand a few moments. After that, wipe with a soft, dry cloth, move it in the same direction several times. But don’t contradict because it makes the glass frosted.

Repeat darkening several times so that the glass is completely clean.

  1. Prevention

The dewy glass can occur at any time and in any brand, type, and a class of the car. Starting from the cheapest car to a luxury car can experience it if you treat the car wrong.

So that events like that do not happen to you, then you should consider the following prevention methods.

  1. Don’t park in a place that is too hot.
  2. Try to open the entire glass even a few minutes after the car is parked in a blazing spot and previously turned on the air conditioner.
  3. Do not often use a cloth dipped in water to clean the car’s inner glass. If you have already done that, then after the car was washed try to open all the glass until the air in the cabin is completely dry.
  4. Clean the car deck carpet regularly by drying it for several hours. Because the carpet, even though it is made of rubber or other waterproof material, still carries water or other watery material.