GameFi or games based on blockchain technology are currently booming in the crypto industry. One of the local GameFi or farming NFT games to be reckoned with is Duckie Land, which offers players a new way to farm, raise livestock, build buildings, and battle duck characters virtually in the Metaverse world.

Duckie Land which carries the concept of play-to-earn aka playing games to get prizes or rewards is increasingly being loved. Duckie Land players can earn rewards in the form of crypto assets or NFT which can be collected as a new source of income.

Duckie Land can be played on a computer or PC via the official website In the future, this blockchain-based game will also be available for smartphones, both Android and iOS and interestingly can be played with VR (Virtual Reality) devices. The gameplay is very easy to operate with an interesting character story.

Tokocrypto Supports Duckie Land in Building a Local Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

Seeing the development of Duckie Land and the potential of the blockchain-based gaming industry ecosystem in the future, Tokocrypto is interested in taking part. As a form of support in early 2022, Tokocrypto announced a strategic partnership with Duckie Land.

The CEO of Tokocrypto, Pang Xue Kai, said that Duckie Land is one of the local game developers who have a vision and mission that is in line with Tokocrypto. According to him, currently, it has great potential in the development of the gaming industry, therefore it can be the best way to carry out literacy on the use of blockchain technology to the wider community.

“We are delighted to be involved in the process of developing a game based on Duckie Land’s blockchain technology. This step is a form of our commitment to deliver various innovations to support the global blockchain and crypto asset ecosystem. It is hoped that this collaboration can advance the local blockchain and gaming industry that has a wide impact, and is felt by everyone,” said Kai.

On the other hand, Duckie Land CEO, Febrian Pottanobu appreciated the partnership with Tokocrypto in order to work together on the development of games based on blockchain technology. This collaboration can benefit from the growth of the blockchain gaming industry and provide insight into its benefits for developers, gamers, and society.

Public interest in blockchain gaming continues to increase as seen from Google Trends 2021 data, searches for blockchain gaming, NFT games, and play-to-earn are soaring. Duckie Land has a mission to become a local online game based on blockchain with the best quality and AAA class.

In addition, participate in the development of the world of Metaverse and become one of the market leaders of games that use NFT. Have a nice play!