A good adult board game can be a big hit at a party or family game night. There are tons of best dice games on the market with the list growing every year. Unless you play a game for yourself, it can be hard to know whether it’s worth spending the money on and adding to your game collection, so it’s important to read reviews and find out what others are saying.

Telestrations After Dark

This is an adults-only version of a favorite party game that is perfect for a late-night gathering. Telestrations After Dark is a six-player family pack that is great for small groups of friends or playing with your family and is also available in a 12-player party pack for larger groups.

This weird and hilarious game shows off miscommunication at its best. Telestrations After Dark provides opportunities for hysterical wrong outcomes that everyone will enjoy making it one of the best board games for adults on the market. You do not need good drawing skills to play this game.

Pros Cons

  • Each card comes with four questions, so there aren’t as many total


  • The questions trigger an odd response, which makes it more fun


  • You get the option of writing your own answer



  • You have to have a minimum of four players and can’t have more than six


  • The game can drag on a while


Mattel Apples to Apples

Apple to Apples is a well-known card game that is tons of fun for up to ten players. This is an easy to learn game that is a fun way to spend an evening with friends and family. Containing more than 1,000 cards, you get hours of entertainment with wild and outrageous comparison from a variety of events, things, places, and people.

Ideal for ages 12 and up, you only need to open the box, deal out the cards, and you can start playing. Just choose the best card from your hand that matches the card being played by the judge, it’s that simple!

Pros Cons

  • It is easy to play, even with kids


  • The game is really engaging and fun to play with your family


  • You can play the game with a large group



  • Older kids can get bored with it


Codenames Deep Undercover

This is an adults-only version of Codenames where two spymasters compete to make contact with their agents before the other. This mature version uses the same rules as the original, but you get new words, art, and “by-standers” that you didn’t get in the previous game.

With a new twist, you get blank cards that let players introduce their own words into the game. By trying to avoid the assassin, this game can be played on its own or combines with other Codename games.

Pros Cons

  • It’s a great game to play with a group of friends


  • Rounds don’t take forever


  • You can play it with a friend or a group of people



  • Too many of these words fit in the same categories, so it’s hard to get more than one at a time.


  • Not a game for kids