Perfect lingerie should be comfortable, beautiful and sexy. In order for these characteristics to be embodied in one set, it is necessary to choose the right clothes in size and in appearance. How to do this, read the article.

What could be women’s underwear?

Perhaps this question will seem strange, since any woman will answer that it should be convenient in the first place. But at the same time, one should not forget about the attractiveness of this product, because beautiful lace underpants and a bra are unrivaled, especially if you choose the option that men like, or rather your chosen one. As for the cost of women’s underwear, the price range is large and it is not easy to figure out where you pay for a new product and a brand, and where – for quality. However, the products of popular brands are always distinguished by their worthy appearance, so any fears of acquiring something inappropriate are mostly groundless, except in a situation where the sizes are confused. And they can be compared according to the table where the parameters are indicated: taking into account the circumference under the chest, the range of the circumference of the hips, the size of the cup and other characteristics for reggiseni push-up.

What is in fashion today? This body, and corsets, and panties, Tonga, and a bandeau, and a bustier, and a belt, and much more. Even underpants are divided into maxi, midi, briefs, corset models, slips and shorts. There are always more than enough options, new items appear periodically and not every woman is able to figure out what she needs and what will be optimal for another wardrobe.

What sizes are the most popular when searching for women’s underwear?

It is hardly possible to put a strict gradation here, it would be more correct to ask which one is better for you and whether the tissue will cause allergies. The fact is that there are a lot of synthetics on the market, albeit at a reasonable price, but alas, far from useful. It is better to buy one expensive bra made of cotton or natural silk than several cheap synthetic ones. But it’s even more important not to make a mistake with the size and at the first opportunity to seek advice from a consultant – otherwise the money will be thrown to the wind.

How exactly not to be mistaken?

Before puzzling over how to find out your size, consult a specialist in the store where you decided to buy women’s underwear – an experienced seller will tell you what the offer is, who this or that product is oriented to, will always give practical advice. In addition, it is possible that your girlfriend has the same size of chest, waist and hips, that is, you are almost identical in complexion, which means there is another person who needs not to be shy to ask questions. Remember, the less ambiguity, the easier it is to make a choice. When ordering in a foreign online boutique, the risk of making a mistake with the purchase is several times higher, as there may be other standards, the size table is incorrectly translated into Russian, and in general the information attached to the product description often simply turns out to be false. And, unfortunately, women’s underwear is not your outerwear that you can change, so you need to carefully consider the order procedure and not rush to find a suitable option.