Health insurance is a form of social protection for the population’s interests in protecting health. There are two types of health insurance: compulsory and voluntary.

Health insurance aims to guarantee citizens, in the event of an insured event, receive medical care from the accumulated funds and to finance preventive measures. Today Medicare is the best way to protect yourself. Everyone can use medical examination or other help. The terms of insurance are written in the contract.

What is Medicare

Mandatory health insurance is an integral part of state social insurance. It provides all citizens with equal opportunities to receive medical and medicinal care at the expense of compulsory health insurance in the amount and on the terms corresponding to the programs of mandatory health insurance.

Voluntary health insurance is based on voluntary health insurance programs. It provides citizens with additional medical and other services in addition to those established by the agenda of mandatory health insurance. Voluntary health insurance can be collective or individual. The object of voluntary health insurance is the insurance risk associated with the costs of providing medical care in an insured event.

Today, Medicare covers these services:

  • Scheduled doctor visits.
  • Your doctor orders tests and exams.
  • Outpatient care.

Medicare has two parts, A and B. The first is the standard program. It covers only your visits to the doctor and your prescription drugs. Part B is an expanded version. This part is not required. You can choose the extra services you want.

The monthly service payment depends on the client’s income for the past two years. Information from the Internal Revenue Service is examined for this purpose.

What does insurance cover?

As a rule, this type of insurance covers a more significant percentage of the cost of medical services. After the contract, the amount to be paid by the insured is specified. This percentage is 20{a9ff044022e3387398fbc20ae4693c99638b981d7d5d53654231903baa976404}. Medicare will cover the rest. The total cost of insurance depends on age and the presence of chronic diseases. The terms of insurance are written in the contract. The client can get additional programs, which the insurance company will cover—the cost of such a contract increases. For older people, it is better to choose an extended insurance program.