Almost all men want to be more manly and powerful in terms of sex. All ways they will do to prove to the couple how strong in bed. No wonder if sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation or impotence are problems that can frustrate men. To fix this problem, you can also order the Viagra Online.

In addition to factors related to blood vessels or prostate disease, there are several things that can make a man fail to maintain an erection longer.

  1. Condoms

Most men often fail erection when using condoms. But as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, condoms should still be worn.

One way to keep the erection uninterrupted is to provide more stimulation. Ask your partner to more actively touch the sensitive area. Choosing a thinner condom can also be a solution.

  1. Premature ejaculation

In fact, one in three men at one time in their lives will experience premature ejaculation. This condition is defined as reaching orgasm in less than one or two minutes. One of the tips for overcoming it is erection by using the hand stop-start technique. Masturbate, but when the ejaculation is almost there, stop for a few seconds, then stimulate again. This exercise regularly can make the erection last longer.

  1. Unhealthy habits

Smoking habits, unhealthy eating patterns, and lack of exercise are the most common causes of reduced male arousal. Consider changing your lifestyle so that the atmosphere in bed remains exciting.

  1. Stress

Whether it’s because of stress at work or there is pent-up anger, anxiety can damage a man’s libido. Anxiety and stress directly affect the sympathetic nervous system so that the erection becomes disturbed.

  1. Hobbies watching porn videos

Every now and then seeing adult films to arouse passion may be okay. However, watching this film too often actually ruins sexual life in the real world. Men who like watching porn will find it difficult to distinguish between real and fantasy.

  1. Weak pelvic muscles

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation and exercise their pelvic floor muscles with a kind of Kegel exercise have experienced a significant increase in the ability to maintain “Mr. P” tension. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if this part of the muscle also begins to become a target of training.

  1. Attention is distracted

Like women, men also feel uncomfortable having sexual intercourse if they feel their privacy diminishes. For example, the walls of rooms that are less secure, still live in the home of in-laws, or children who have not slept. The discomfort can make men want their sex activities to be finished quickly.